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About Us

   We grow deep in the arms of the forest
in a field of FERN lie all our dreams

Hello, and welcome to FERN!


How it all started? 

While sinking into the Bali jungle spirit, one plant really captured our minds, and so the name FERN was born. Inspired by this beautiful island's nature, we started a small business with big dreams and founded the FERN shop in 2015.

Our passion for Homeware and Jewellery grew into actual products that we were slowly and carefully selecting around Bali. We fell in love with the traditional arts and crafts, with the culture and the people.

With the little offerings and ceremonies, with the secret devotion in every act.


Support local artisans and community 

On our journey, we met some amazing craftsmen, from silversmiths to carpenters and woodcarvers. With every new idea, our friendships were growing. And today we are cooperating and designing together with about 50 local craftsmen families. All our products are handmade by local Balinese and Javanese artisans.


Protect the planet with conscious consumerism 

We aim to create products that are beautiful and useful and at the same time have the smallest possible impact to our environment. No big factories, just one skilled man making some wooden boards in his own backyard, surrounded with family and friends, kids, cats and chickens and everyone finds joy and entertainment in some sort of help. Using leftover materials or wood from sustainable plantations is a priority.



In our selection of products the ethical standpoint of the economic trade comes first. A fair trade that supports the local artisans and, at the same time, provides a fair price to our customers. 


When you support a small business, you support a dream

We try to help our devoted costumers to be able to buy what they believe in when they try to support a small business like ours. Through our selection of products, we work towards building long-lasting and meaningful relations. We aim to continue providing our customers with products that keep them happy, at prices that keep them satisfied.


We truly hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you.


Our shop is located in Seminyak, Bali, on Jl. Kayu Cendana 2a, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara.