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Balinese Beads Mini Round Box Cream & Black Chess

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    The very special thing about our products is that they are made in Bali. In Bali, you won't find any big factories for products, just simple craftsmen working in their backyard. Even if someone ordered 1000 little boxes, each one of them will still be handmade with care each little bead handstitched on the box and handled with attention and care. 

    Do you have something special that you want to store? Something secret to keep in a special box? 

    Each of our baskets has been handwoven with natural bamboo and meticulously covered with Bali beads, and embellished with seashells.

    A stunning hand-beaded small box perfect for decor pieces and storing precious things. 


    Size: 11 x 9.5 cm 

    Did You know? 

    Handwoven and hand-beaded baskets have a long-lasting tradition in Bali.  Locals use baskets for daily ceremonies, to store and carry offerings to the house temple. But on special days they need to go to the village temple or to a secret place and they want to present the offerings in their best light.

    This tradition has been going on for centuries so hundreds of years ago they already started making bamboo baskets which they decorated for ceremonial use, to present the offerings to their gods. 

    Until today only Balinese Hindu Craftsmen are allowed to make these baskets so they can be taken into a temple, this way still today the baskets carry a secret massage from a forgotten time. A time when all important things and objects carried a sacred value and were stored in a special place in each house or temple.